Grand Champion Hip Hop Heaven's Loot

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GC Hip Hop Heaven's Loot  

GC Roger's Mick(18 Legs) x Two River's Summer



Legs: 30

BOV, BOB, Best 4 Class, BIS-4/24/10

1st in Class, BOV-4/03/10

2nd Place of 25 Castor Senior Buck-2010 Mini Rex Nationals



BOSV, BOS-5/29/10

BOV, BOS-6/26/10


BOV, BOS-7/24/10 

BOV, BOS-8/8/10 

BOSV, BOS-8/21/10

BOSV, BOS-8/21/10 

BOV, BOS-8/28/10

BOV, BOS-8/28/10 

BOV, BOS-9/11/10


BOSV, BOS-9/25/10

BOV, BOS-9/25/10

BOV, BOS-10/2/10


BOSV, BOS-10/16/10




1st in Class-11/20/10

BOV, BOS-11/28/10



BOV, BOB-3/26/11

BOV, BOB-4/2/11(only runner up for 4 class)

2nd in Class at 2011 Mini Rex Nationals for the second year in a row. First place Sr. Buck was BOS.(Loot does not behave well at large shows with lots of rabbits and smells)

BOV, BOB-4/23/11(one of only a few with second looks during 4 Class)His last show-nice finish to a very successful show career!! He is now producing his own Grand Champion kids with 3 so far with 2 others that are 1 leg away!



Loot is one of our most useful bucks! Out of all three in his litter, he had the most dense fur, and has the best type. We will definetely be holding on to him! At the Lapeer Show on March 27, Loot got second to his dad.

A couple weeks ago, Loot got BIS and I was very proud of him! The 4-class judge was Doug Covert, so I knew it was a good win. Last week Loot got BOSV to win his last leg to be a Grand Champion!! He is my second homegrown Grand Champion, yeah!

Update-Wow! Loot has 30 legs! He always does well, too bad we aren't showing him anymore.