Hip Hop Heaven

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My Little Piece of Heaven

Hello from Hip Hop Heaven! We are located near Grand Rapids, Michigan. My name is Emily Henderson. I raise Mini Rex rabbits. We are a small rabbitry and hope to stay that way. All the rabbits we own are listed on here. Here at Hip Hop Heaven we believe in "Quality Not Quantity". Hope you enjoy looking at the site! Smile

Rabbit Personalities

Rabbits have a lot of needs like being cared for. They also need food and water. It is fun to hold your rabbits, but don't hold them for too long or else they will get very hot and they might get dehydrated. It's also very important to keep your rabbit's food to a minimun so they don't go overweight. It is okay to have a brood doe go overweight but it is not good if a show rabbit goes overweight. When you Grand Champion a rabbit, it is very good to have it registered so you can make it officially a Grand Champion. You can get a Grand Champion number on its pedigree and you can get a certificate. 


I have recently made the hard decision to work with only Castors. They seem to be my main winners so I am going to stick with them. They are my favorite color too. It will easier for me to stick to my "Quality vs. Quantity" motto this way. Thanks to all my buyers of the other colored rabbits! Hope you enjoy them as much as I did!!


*I have now had three Best in Show at ARBA shows and one Best in Show at fair with an ARBA judge all with Castors. Guess I made the right decision in working only with them! 

What YOU Need To Do!

Whenever you see a rabbit of mine that is for sale, click the link below to email me about it.