Hip Hop Heaven's Mouse

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Hip Hop Heaven's Mouse(pending Grand Champion)

GC Hip Hop Heaven's Loot(30 Legs) x Two River's Summer



Legs: 8

BOSV and BOS-10/8/11

BOSV and BOS-10/15/11

BOV and BOB-11/5/11


1st in Class of 8, BOV and BOB-2/4/12 

1st in Class of 5 and BOSV-3/3/12 

1st in Class of 5 and BOSV-3/4/12

1st in Class of 5 and BOSV-3/4/12 


Tiny little buck with really small ears. Looks a lot like Red Hot did. Summer's last baby.

*Just got his first BOB at only 4 month old!!

**Had to quit showing him early. He did not like showing at all!